March 2, 2012

For The Sake Of The Call... Night 1

This weekend we are having a Native Ministers conference called... For The Sake Of The Call. Last night was the start of it and it was a true success and blessing. I came to realize quickly the true love, passion, and loyalty our District has. As we are blessed to have the guest speaker Bro. Chavis and his wife Sis. Chavis we were also blessed with many other godly men and women who are in our own district.

As I stood at the front door greeting people who came in last night I was amazed at the true depth our district is blessed with when it comes to godly examples. I use the word depth but I truly don't think that is the proper word but the only one that comes to my mind at this time. We have so many who truly have given their life and time to give to the kingdom of God.

Last night was a great start to a wonderful weekend. Brother Chavis preached a very powerful message on the importance of knowing the Father's grace and mercy on our lives. Remembering where He brought us from and how he gave us a second chance. We may not have deserved that but how He loves us so much that He gave it to us in love for us. He spoke some powerful words from the Word of God and that was "God does not take pleasure in destroying us".

I was blessed by the Word last night and will take this powerful revelation with me. I will live it and remember just where he brought me from.

My life wasn't full of drugs, alcohol, and sex, in fact I wasn't involved in any but my life was filled with an idle god. The older I got the less I believed in God and truly at one place in my life I didn't believe there was a God. As I look back to that time in my life I am ashamed and think how much love God had when I hated Him. It puts a new concept on loving the unlovable. I was the unlovable one... I may not have sinned in ways that people could see but in my heart I committed the unforgivable sin if I would have known Him. Oh how grateful I am for His hand to reach passed the miry clay and into a life who was unworthy of His presence. A young girl who thought she was ok because of success, popularity, and outer blessings.

I am thankful for that message last night and for the reminder of the love of the Father. I'm also thankful today for all the wonderful ministers from our district who came to support the conference and the ministry of the native people. We are truly blessed and I never want to forget that.

Thank you Brother and Sister Chavis, Brother Fortalaza (unsure on correct spelling), Brother and Sister Stower, Brother and Sister Wittmeier (Kenora), and Brother and Sister Wittmeier (Thunder Bay). Also thank you to those from the Kenora church who came as well as those who came from other areas. May God bless you all for your giving heart and servant hood.

February 29, 2012

Comforter and the Healer...

Pray for Healing and Comfort
Acts 3:6
Then Peter said, Silver and gold have I non; but such as I have give I thee: In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth rise up and walk.
In years passed I knew no one close to me who had died, no one who was battling a terminal illness, and very few I knew who had lost loved ones. Since that time of innocence I've seen much loss, experienced my own heartache of terminal illness, and seen many broken by the unknown of why. In that time I've never felt as strong about helping the grieving as I do now. Not because of my own heartache but because of the revelation the Lord has given me through the Word.
We often pray for healing for the external need as Peter did in Acts and many others throughout the Word. But what about when those prayers are not answered? What happens to those who spend hours praying and never see the fruit of those prayers? 
I was praying about this the other day and God brought me back to my time of need of healing. We so often pray for the actual sickness in someones life and for a restoration of the body but Jesus said after He healed the sick and lame that they were made "whole". Makes me think that when we pray for the the sick and their needs sometimes there is some internal healing that needs to come too.
My heart goes out to those who are grieving the loss of a loved one and even those who know their days are few. We will never understand the reason of God for the Word even says "lean not unto your own understanding". In our own understanding we can't make sense of it all but when we lean on the comfort of the comforter and the healing of the healer we can get through the tough times. Go to the God who is the comforter and the healer... go to Jesus.
In a world that is filled with grief and sorrow we are in desperate need of the comforter and healer. Why both? Because without an internal healing we can't receive the comfort we so need and with out the true complete healing we can't get passed the reasons why.
Today when you are praying I ask for you to pray for the hurting in your life and for those who are deep in grief and can't get passed it. God brings us to our lowest places and shows Himself worthy in them, but we must pray that those who are angry don't allow themselves to put up a wall and never receive all they can from the Comforter.
Prayer is a powerful weapon that God gives us to use in battle. We know that in the last days that much sickness will come but that doesn't mean that we stop praying for the healer and comforter to work His miracles. God is in the healing business but sometimes we forget to pray for the WHOLE healing. Sometimes it is even us who needs the healing of internal for those who are hurting around us so that we can be the light of Christ in the mist of the trial.  

February 27, 2012

This is the Day...

I'm convinced today that no matter what the weather and no matter what the storm I will be thankful for the day that I have. The other day I spoke about good thoughts and keeping my mind on track so that it can't become the enemies play ground. I'm grateful today and everyday that I remember that because it makes days seem so much more enjoyable. Even the snow seems beautiful in its cold nature.

My thought for the day...This is the day that the Lord has made... will YOU rejoice and be glad in it?

So often the situations of the day can cause us a little trouble. The weather can get our mood a little blue, the sun can be just a little to bright, and sometimes the things waiting for you at home can be a little to real.

Today is a beautiful day and it is the one that God has made... I will rejoice in it because it is another day to be able to thank God for life. It is another day to bring a sick person some encouragement, another day that I can help a co-worker bandage up a cut, another day that I can bake some cookies for my neighbors who need to see someone cares, another day to sing unto the Lord a great song of worship when no one is watching, just another day to give back the blessings that I've so unworthily been given.

What a day to realize just how beautiful the day really is. Today is the day to rejoice don't wait until tomorrow to give back to God the beauty that He has given you. I know for myself I'm not going to just look at it as just another day but look at it as being "THE DAY" that the Lord has made. It is special in its ways, special in its beauty, and special in its results.

Not another day but the day to rejoice and be glad in.