September 30, 2007

The force behind you...

With my game face on and my adrenaline on overload I always knew that the ball that would be coming at me couldn’t beat me. That no matter what the curve or change I would be able to stand up to the plate and face the pitcher. Then why I wonder is it that we can’t stand up to the plate when the force behind our swing is God and we know that He won’t let us fail?

One of my favorite quotes is “don’t let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game”. The more that I hear the words to this quote the more I am confused. In life we so often can stand up and do things, but when it comes to standing up for God we fall like an autumn leaf. We are like those kids that can’t stand up to the plate at a little league game and all they do is step out of the box every time the pitcher pitches the ball. But why when we have all the force behind us and all the encouragement around us do we stand afraid?

Fear is not of God, but we so often allow it to be the controller of our lives. We allow ourselves to be frightened by the unthinkable. When God asks us to do things He doesn’t send us alone. So let’s stand up to the plate, take the bat in our hands, line up our knuckles, hold the bat straight out from our armpit, and keep our head straight ahead. Let’s stop looking at all we can’t do and just do what we know how to do and allow God to be the force behind us. Let’s allow God to take control and stand up to the plate.

If asked to step up to the plate don’t fear the ball that will be thrown. Step up and play the game, because “we can’t allow the fear of failure keep us from winning souls”.