August 3, 2015

Only Him...

Have you every had a day when you can't imagine what it would have been like with out Jesus? That day that you put your head on the pillow and just can't help but speaking out loud, "thank you Jesus".

I find those days coming a lot more now than I ever thought could be. The days when I look towards my ceiling and can't help but exhaling with great force.  That deep sigh that seems to be the only way that you can feel the depth of your core being relieved of all the negativity in your life.

As I find myself ending most days like that I also find myself seeing that wonderful feeling of being full of the hope of Jesus Christ. That hope that only can come through walking with Him. The hope that only can be understood when you walk closely with the one who gets you and your battles. Even though I know Jesus knows all about my day I still find comfort in talking with Him about it.

Have you ever thought that maybe it is those kind of daily communions with Him that make life feel complete? As the day goes by and you find that you never left your true love and that every day you can find Him in the stillness of the day and even in the craziness of the storm.

I write this short blog today to encourage you to have that time. The time when you truly are leaving all your cares on the alter and that with "Only Him" your heart is made whole. I can't find myself in any greater place than in the arms of the one who truly loves me. That one who I know truly loves you.