April 30, 2012

Beauty of Life...

The smell of fresh cut grass and the warmth of the sun kissed my cheeks with delight. There is something about nature that makes my heart beat with excitement and my life fill with life. Something about the change in the season that reminds me that life is living and that is what we should be reminded of daily... God lives and so should we in Him.

This weekend was beautiful and so full of accomplishments. So often I intend to do something productive like clean my house or try a new recipe I found but things change when I feel the warmth of the sun on my skin. It doesn't matter if I just see it... it is when I feel it that all energy comes into my heart. I feel like I could run a marathon or climb a mountain.

Sometimes our attitudes can be so stuck in a routine of life that we find ourselves so stuck. So unaware of our true need for a swift kick of life.

Take time to enjoy life and the beauty that God has blessed you with. If you enjoy the sun take a few minutes to let it kiss your skin. If you enjoy the sound of the birds, sit outside and take in the sound of their music. Enjoy the little things because life will take them away from you if you don't. Live your life don't let it live you.

I look at my life and I've found that even at a young age I have missed out on time that I spent feeling like I just couldn't. It was energy that was put to the inability instead of using that time of a few enjoyable minutes of living that minute. Fear, insecurity, sickness, and excuses used up time in my life to just enjoy each minute.

Life is beautiful and so is the Lord we serve. He has blessed us with so many things that we just don't take the time to enjoy. God loves beauty and that in which He created... why do you think he rested for a day? Or even said after everything it is good?

Enjoy the things God has given you and the beauty of life. Jesus lives so that we can live and sometimes we just stay in bondage to life. Enjoy life in Christ and the things that He wants and has blessed you with. LIVE! And live free....