December 28, 2013

In the Presence of Jehovah...

As I was preparing for my class tomorrow, I was reminded of the importance of having true reverence for God. Not the kind of reverence that is only there because someone is watching you, but the kind of reverence that is there because you know God is watching you. The kind that is deep in your soul to please God and to show respect.

I remember a message that my cousin Nikki's husband preached when I was down in Ohio. It was a message that was on the anointing oil. He spoke regarding the church now and how important it is to make sure that everything that we use for God we should want to anoint. I remember him running around the church from the instruments to the pulpit to the pews speaking about praying over them and anointing them. That they were to be used only for God.

Today I am reminded of this very act and the importance of making sure that we remember the presence of God. To be reminded that we are always in His presence but how we should constantly be reminded of being in His presence especially in the house of God.

As a little girl I remember being told that the church was God's house and that you were to be on your best behavior. To this day I still make sure that I show respect in the house of God and that includes other churches. I always make sure to pick up things on the ground and find myself deeply bothered when the house of God is not picked up. To me how we take care of the house of God shows of how we look at who our God is and I want for people to know that my God is the King.

I want to make sure that in everything that I do I reflect who my Jesus is. As He flipped the tables and spoke with great authority in the temple against the thieves. Jesus shows to us that He desires for His house to be a house of prayer and a place where anyone can see that He is King.

As we find the coming of our Lord drawing near I find myself more eager for people to see who my Lord really is. That in His presence they can do more than just feel Him, they can see Him.

December 26, 2013

Fertilize and Water...

Today while I was at work I received a revelation that I can't wait to share with you. As I tried to find myself remembering all the blogs that I wanted to write earlier, but didn't have the means to do so. I found myself receiving more things to write and look forward to sharing them with you.

During this time when we find ourselves being more discouraged by the things we see, I have been reminded of the importance of faith. The Word tells us that we walk by faith and not by sight and that even faith the size of a mustard seed can move mountains.

It is great to have just a little faith, but I believe there is more to this than just the size of the faith. The fact that it was a seed to me plays a huge roll in what Jesus was trying to say. Through out the scriptures God spoke about seeds in the sense of our spiritual growth and I do feel that He was speaking something here as well.

Faith can be small in the sense of the planter, but there is fertilizing and watering that will cause that little seed to become something big and fruitful. For example carrots come from a very small seed, but when they grow they are not so small anymore.

In a time when faith is being plucked up and stolen. I believe it is time for the saints of the most High God to start watering and fertilizing those mustard seeds of faith. Not just for ourselves, but also for our brothers and sisters in the Lord.

All someone needs is just a mustard seed of faith but for that seed to do great and mighty things it will take prayer in watering that seed and fasting in fertilizing that seed. During a time when the devil is trying to take away the prayers of the church and the desire to fast in the people. I find myself being prompted even more to go to battle for the faith and gospel we have.

If we want to have great faith in our own lives, it is going to take diligent prayer and continual fasting to grow that mustard seed size faith that is inside of us. We can't just think that it is ok to have just a mustard seed when really, if we don't plant that seed and let it grow then it will not grow into the fruit that is needed for others.

I am looking forward to seeing what just a mustard seed of faith can grow into and what it will transpire into in a life. Through prayer, fasting, and pouring out of the faith that is growing in our lives I believe we can see great things.

It is okay to just want a little faith, but I am expecting for a great faith that will heal the sick and cause the lame to walk again. I am looking for the kind of faith that cause whole congregations to come to the revelation of the One true God and for those who have faith to bind together in fasting and prayer to bind the strong man that is trying to take reign.

Don't forget the month of fasting and prayer. Together we can change this world!

December 25, 2013

I am back...

I wanted to get the word out that I am now able to write again. I have gotten a new computer and will be writing all the back log of what God has been giving me and haven't been able to write.

Please pray with me as God takes me through this journey of prayer, fasting, and writing in January. Stay tuned for many blogs as I write down what God has been laying on my heart.