April 28, 2009

Create in me a clean heart...

Walking with Christ has given me the understanding of what it means to open ones heart. It is the washing of our hearts that will clean our mouths too. As the Word states what lies in the heart will come out of the mouth. So the act of cleaning our hearts is not just for us to be able to love, but for us to also be able to speak of good things.

A clean heart is not like a washing of something, but pure, white as snow, gentle as of dove, and pure as a virgin symbol. When you look at this concept I believe it is easy to really know what we hold in our hands. God has given us examples through out the Bible to show and prove to use what he really expects of his bride. The white dress has became a must when truly not meaning anything. We must pray daily for Him to make our hearts clean and to cover us with his ever so cleansing blood.

The symbol of the purity of white as snow. When you are pure of things there is nothing in which can defial your temple there is nothing that can make you sway from the truth in which you live and breathe. It is in Christ that you realize that God wants us to be pure that in which will prove of our clean hearts.

As gentle as a dove. If we believe that something so clean as a dove can be the symbolizim of the spirit of Christ than we can come to realize that we walk in a clean place of peace. Our God is a God of peace He is the King of trust, faith, hope, and life. When you think of the importance of walking with a clean heart you realize how truly awesome it is to have a God that wants us to live a guilt free life.

So I say.....

Create in me a clean heart Oh Lord and renew a right spirit within me. Cast me not away from they presense and cast not they Holy Spirit from me.

God I want to be able to quote that every morning asking to walk with you in a PURE way of life.