July 1, 2011

I'm Trading My Sorrows

As I sang that song last night I realized why I really love this song. It isn't because it has an upbeat tempo and that it makes you want to put on your dancing shoes its because each line speaks to me.

I'm Trading My Sorrow... I'm Trading My Pain

Each day brings a new kind of sadness. You can just read the newspaper and feel sad as there are new situations every day. Its almost as if the more our country battles with debt the more prisons we need, the more mental health units we need, and the more you read about sexual sins and addictions. All the sin in this world makes me want to trade all my sorrows and pain into something better.

I'm Laying Them Down For The Joy Of The Lord

That's right there is something better than pain and sorrow something better than doubt and grief. God has a joy that makes all the things around me feel little. Not that sin isn't a big thing but that I don't have to live in it, I don't have to forever be surrounded by it. My God has given me the opportunity to trade all that in for something better... JOY!

I'm Trading My Sickness... I'm Trading My Shame

Lately it seems like everything around me is about sickness, doctors, medications, diets, and appointments. But when I sing this song I am reminded that I can trade all the sickness of the world into the joy of the Lord. No matter what happens I know who holds my future and yes I may not understand why I am sick but I do know that I don't have to live being sick. I maybe sick in my body but I am filled with joy in my soul. People may want to put shame on me for not being like the world or looking like the world but I'm telling you what I can have the joy of the Lord if I trade all the shame of the world on me in for His joy.

Amen that's why I can sing the bridge of this song.

I'm pressed but not crush persecuted not abandoned. Struck down but not destroyed. I'm blessed be on the curse for His promise will endure his joys going to be my strength. Though my sorrow may last for the night... His joy comes in the morning!

You may ask me why I'm writing this and I'm writing this because it is the lyrics to this song that remind me that I don't need to live in sorrow or in pain. I can trade it in for a better car to drive. I can drive in joy as some day this vessel of mine will be here while my spirit will be lifted out of here and go on to a higher place. I want to be living a life like I want to be in heaven right now. Not because of what life is like down here but because I can find the source of gas that makes me feel like dancing when everyone is around and feel like dancing when no one is around.

I'm filled with joy today knowing that no matter what I'm trading in my sorrows, pain, sickness, and shame in for some heavenly joy that makes me laugh til my guts hurt, that makes me smile til my cheeks hurt, and makes me be the witness that God has designed for us all to be.

There is something about the joy of the Lord and there is something about the beauty of a joy filled apostolic saint of God who is living and walking in the Holy Ghost. There is just something about my Jesus that can't be hidden by the enemies ways nor stopped by his destruction because I know the author of the true joy and I know that if I stand with God that no matter what happens my sorrow may last for the night but my joy will come in the morning.

I'm saying yes Lord, Yes Yes Lord!! It doesn't matter what comes my way I'm going to life my head up High and say hallejuiah anyhow. God is bigger than all this and I refuse to forget where I can tap in to some true joy and hope.