April 23, 2010

April Report

My time here in Sweden has now came to an end, but the things I've learned and the people I have met will never have an ending. In my last week here I have witnessed and heard about a break through that has taken place here in Stockholm. A week ago we had the Scottish Bible Students join us here in Sweden for a revival service in both Stockholm and Falun both in which received a blessing through the power of Jesus name preaching. I saw for the first time in my three months here God bring souls to the alter of repentance as if in floods of cattle to the water of salvation. After that I have been informed that God has healed spiritual wounds that have kept some back from receiving full blessings, others walking into callings that only God could have opened the door for, outreach on the radio station of oneness, prayer meetings that shack the hearts of those who are struggling in their walks with Christ, and bible studies growing in numbers and power as the true message of salvation reaches the hearts of lost souls. In Kista where I have been with others doing a bible study for the international students we experienced an increase every meeting with new people coming with a passion and burden for something more to fill that void in their life. Here I have witnessed first hand the important of missions as we have represented all countries Sweden, USA, Czech Republic, Nicaragua, Japan, China, Italy, and even some of the eastern countries. Many of these people have spoken of the oneness truth they have heard in their own country which makes me realize how much we play in the big picture.

As I journeyed last weekend to Falun to preach and fellowship with the small group there I noticed great revival taking place. As they were blessed as well from the Scottish revival and outreach which opened the door for a breakthrough in the spiritual realm. On last Sunday there were three visitors and one whom has made the church her own. As I go home leaving Sweden and the amazing things it has blessed me with I have realized that I will leave them in the state of revival and that is more than a blessing to come home with. I look forward to what God is going to do for them and what He is going to use these amazing people to do. Coming to Sweden the darkness seemed so dark but now with the help of the Scottish Bible Students there has been a break through and I believe we are going to see a great outpouring in this country. We have worked the ground with the Word and spoke the truth that no man can deny. God is going to do wonders and this is all happening in a heathen country that many felt could never receive Christ. I'm proud to say "all things are possible through Christ" and Sweden will see revival.

Growing in Christ,
Krystina Meyers
Aimer to Sweden