January 5, 2010

God is giving interest in the wait....

Well my departure date is drawing near and my excitement of leaving is starting to bubble out of me like rivers. It is difficult to focus as I try to keep my mind away from what I will be able to witness in Sweden. I'm going to see souls saved on the streets of the city of Stockholm, in the beautiful landscapes of Falun, and on the trains on my way.

Yesterday I received my first church contribution to my trip. The church from Grand Forks, ND sent me a gracious offering. I'm thankful and gracious to those that I've met there. The people of Grand Forks were very kind to take me in to their church family. I learned so much from Brother Fennel and the saints and will forever be grateful for his obedience to the voice of God.

Nothing else is really going on around here lately. I'm finding things coming together as the Lord finds ways for me to save on this trip. I grow interested to see what else will take place as I heard today from Sister Emilie about my housing arrangement. She informed me that she wants to speak with me about details. We shall see what else the Lord has done.

Well I believe that is it for today. The Lord is so great and I've seen Him work mightily through out my arrangements and those around me. Starting 2010 I've seen chains broken, sickness healed, and joy given. If we can not see the hope that we have through the blessings that have been given so far I don't know if we ever will.

Prayer tonight at Pastor and Sister Ward's house. We shall see what other wonderful things God is about to do! Our Lord is a mighty God who WILL be praised!