April 4, 2012

I'm Standing....

There is so much confusion going around right now. The lies that are being spoken and heard are so sly that even the church seems to be moved by the slippery words of the enemy. Words that bring confusion and distrust, words that cause division and distraction, words that breed a heart of drama and even words that steal the one thing that makes us different.

How can life be so hard when really 85% of the troubles in our life have to do with life and not God? When 75% of our situations in life are situational and will go away in a matter of days or maybe even years. If life is truly that bad then why are their so many people with lives that are in shambles and they are searching everywhere for an answer and they just need to look up?

Lately I've read several posts, articles, and even had conversations with people who have little or no faith in a higher power. They believe that as long as we are good people and we are trying to do good in the world that we have succeeded in life. Don't get me wrong there is nothing wrong with doing good and wanting to do good, but the Bible says that there is nothing good under heaven that is not given by God. So to believe in good we must also believe in God because there is no way that we are just good because of who we are. We are only good through the power of the cross and the grace through His blood.

With that said I've came to this conclusion.... I'm Standing. No matter what anyone else says I know what is right and what is wrong. I know where my life once was without God and even though in peoples eyes it looked great, it wasn't. We can hide like pretty little porcelain dolls that don't react to anything but when we get into a situation when we feel like we are falling all we will do is shatter because in ourselves we don't have the strength to be lifted up on eagles wings.

Most people think that when you look at peoples lives who are standing strong on what they believe that they're lives are just a bed of roses. That they have no issues, that they don't have their own hidden secrets that hang in the closet never to be worn. In the closet they stay as a reminder of what God has done but not of what or who they are.

The lie of the enemy is quick to tell us that we have it worse then anyone else. Quick to think that life is greener on the other side of the fence but I'm here standing because I know that the other side of the fence is what brings adultery to the married man who sees a woman that is not his wife, fornication to the two young kids who spent to much time alone together, and death to the young girl who just went to the party to hang out with friends and instead wasn't strong enough to stay away from the drugs, drinking, smoking, and found herself in the middle of a drug deal gone wrong.

Without God in our lives we can't overcome the bad in this world. We are not protected by the situations that come our way but we are always promised a restful nights sleep when we trust, a heart full of love if we truly look to Him for the love, and an understanding that no matter what happens in our lives that if we are walking with God that we know we will see Him.

I'm standing.... I am going to do what is right and stand for the good things and without God I don't know what that is. With Him I know that I will be warm in the middle of a storming battle outside and no matter what the doctor tells me the great physician says I'm healed. Sometimes being healed is a mind thing and it is a matter of faith.

I'm standing, trusting, walking, and breathing the Jesus name message I live for. I am far from perfect and far from having a perfect bed of roses life, but I choose to live with Jesus with my head in the sky. I want to see the beauty that Jesus sees and I want to express the love that He has.

In the last days the Word says there will be many Antichrists and that there will be many false prophets. It is time for us to be intentional on the good things in life and stand firm on the solid rock, Jesus.

Love like you've never loved before, praise like you've never praised before, read the Word like you've never read before, pray like you've never prayed before.... the time has came for the church to become intentional about standing. Don't let yourself be swayed by the lies of the enemy stand knowing what is written and what you are living for. There are many voices but their is only one that is important.