July 23, 2008

Being Leah...

What I’m about to share with you is probably the most impacting revelation I’ve ever received in the Word. The impact on my life is so great that it has taken me almost a month to write it all down. I shared it with the youth and was told to keep my notes sadly enough I didn’t take notes. So hear it goes!

Many people are impacted by one of the greatest love stories ever written. This story is one that I’ve always thought was so beautiful and do even more so now. The story of Rachel and Jacob is one that we all know and love. People speak of the story every time they talk about being wanted and desired. Well one night after praying about my life’s confusion I was awaken by a voice that said “Being like Leah”.

I know you’re thinking she is going crazy, but I’m completely truthful when I say the voice said “being like Leah”. Now I’m telling you this so you understand the depth of this revelation. When I was praying that night I was filled with great heart ache. I have had some extremely heart breaking situations in the church with guys and felt like nothing in that department could ever go right. I felt like how could I ever find a man in the church if none of the godly men want godly women and I’m serious. You can quote me on saying this when I say “I have not met one single man in the church so far that hasn’t made me feel like less a woman because I want to live completely holy unto God”. I would love for someone to prove me wrong and if you find him all the power to you.

In Genesis 29:17 it says Leah was tender eyed; but Rachel was beautiful and well favoured. When I read this I thought God why would you compare me to Leah. She was nothing special not beautiful, not wanted she was basically given to Jacob because she was the oldest he didn’t love her or want her.

As I started to get more frustrated I heard the voice again “being like Leah”. I remember my eyes filling with tears as I thought God I can’t take being unwanted, not looked upon with value, or even feeling love. As I sat there I found myself growing with strength and couldn’t explain it. So I dug deeper into the Word.

The word tender is translated to mean soft, timid, and meek and eye is translated to mean showing mental and spiritual qualities. So as I took in these words I thought what an honor she was described to be a woman of a kind heart and showing knowledge of spiritual qualities. She was not described as being just a woman of intense great beauty, but a woman who was described as being an inward beauty. She was never described as being ugly, but being just a natural beauty.

As I breathed that all in I thought God what are you trying to tell me. Leah may have been spiritually complete, but she still must have questioned herself daily because she was “Second Best”. Those words I know have gone through the average girls head more than once. As a woman of Christ I stand firm on knowing I will not be second best or treated less a woman because of a man’s foolish mistakes. I know I’m stubborn, but I’m a working progress.

As I read more into the scriptures of Leah I realized that because of her dedication to Christ and her pure heart God gave her favor. She was more than a wife and mother, but a Godly example in the Bible that we so often forget to speak of. Sure she made mistakes it says that she even wanted favor from her husband. As we read into this story we realize that she was a woman who had some point in the Word. She was not just the unwanted wife, but God had a plan for her and that was proven by the ministries of her sons.

So often we as women and even men forget that God has a point and place for us. We forget that we are not just forgotten second best statues that are molded into the mold of robot like figures. God has called each one of us to fulfill the call on our lives. He has made us the women and men that we are to become. The story of Leah shows us that we have a purpose as women in Christ. Sure it is important for us to be wives and mothers don’t get me wrong I can’t wait for the day to be both. However, I know my call doesn’t end there. We are not just called to be fruitful and multiply to take all our knowledge and sit on it.

We are called to be woman like Ester who stood up to her husband for her people knowing that her boldness in Christ could cause her, her life. How she stood as a woman of godly example through the beauty regiments and pampering, standing firm as she went before the King with only her bare essentials and inward beauty.

Sometimes we forget about Ruth who stood next to her mother-in-law when she could have just left. But instead she was blessed greatly because of her dedication and loyalty. She was blessed even though they struggled and God gave her favor because she showed up.

I believe all in all that God wanted me to see this. In Proverbs 31:26 it speaks of the woman of wisdom and kindness something that speaks greatly of who Leah really was. It says in 31:30 that beauty is vain, but a woman who fears God shall be praised.

We so often as women in the church want to be looked at as beautiful and wanted. We want everyone to find favour in us and what we’ve done, as if that adds up to anything when we get to heaven. As women and men of Christ I believe we must begin to place God first and centered in our lives. Through all this God has proven to me that sometimes we can be so carnal and not even know it.

Through all of this I have learned so much about women in the Bible. I’ve found something in myself I never knew I had. I’ve found a strength that I will share with every female I can and explain to them that they never need to feel 'second best'. We are said to be virtuous and our value is far above rubies if a man can’t see your value than it makes him stupid. Be woman of great courage and strength strive after completion in Christ because that is all you can ever get.

I have come up with one conclusion to my madness. God wants to give me that man that will complete me. My value of godly character matters and I should never second guess that. I am never going to be second choose because God has told me I am important to Him. If I allow God to complete me He will supply that man and he will respect me, take care of me, protect me, and honor me like a woman should be. No more of this fleshly connections that last only a couple years God wants forever and that is what He’ll give. Sometimes it takes us to be awakened to realize that.

I want every apostolic woman/girl to know you are valuable and you must stand firm on what your godliness means. Your value is priceless and never let someone take that away from you. As for every apostolic man/boy I want you to know that you are valuable as well and your work for Christ matters greatly. You should never allow someone else to devalue who you are in Him or allow you to sway away from godliness.

We are called to spread the gospel and it doesn’t just say only the male species can do so. It says ALL shall spread the gospel of Jesus Christ. Together we can make a stand in this world, but if godly people quite seeking after godliness it will soon be a hard thing to find.

Stand firm on your rock that gets you through the storm. Stand firm on that rock that shows you value. I refuse to allow myself to be anything less than Leah. If my day comes that I am chosen than I will not be second best I will be first because I’ve stood strong on the rock that has gotten me this far. In Christ everything is possible and finding that completion in Him makes your other half fit just right!


Hello Everyone! I just thought since it has been a month and a half since I've written I must update you. God is working greatly in our church. His blessings are being poured out and His work is never done. Trials have came to my life, but I count my blessings daily. With trials comes strength and God knows I'm going to be one powerful girl when all this is over. Powerful in Him! Anyway I wanted to say that we have finally received an offer on our church and we have been given promise to the other church. We are waiting for all formal things to go through, but November will come quick enough. PRAISE THE LORD!

I have to say that God has given me more than I've ever asked for in Him. Life is good, but a daily walking struggle. However, He promised me if I was to not go into education He'd supply that desire to help children. HURRAY! I'm teaching Sunday School what a blessing. I know that they teach me more than I them. However, everyday I go into the class is a great remembrance of the impact Mrs. R had on my life. If I can impact one student with the power of Christ the way that Mrs. R impacted my life with the power of reading I will be complete in that.

The youth is under spiritual attack, however, Youth Core is coming to Borderland in August! I believe that we will see great works through that outreach and great blessings to supply after. If I can see come to pass promises I've held on to I will be greatly thankful!

I will be posting some new blogs very soon! I need my editor to read through them though. Since you all know how great of a speller I am. Praise God for his blessings church it is about time for a great revival!

We have had more baptised in 2008 than I ever expect, several filled with the Holy Ghost, and many to come! Get ready Borderland here comes the Holy Rollers taking over the city! I love you all in Christ and ask you to keep God First In All You Do!

Seeking His kingdom and righteousness!! Together we will do great things in Christ!