February 15, 2012

Just a little love..

It hurt me to see all the posts yesterday on Facebook regarding Valentines Day being an overrated holiday and people verbally showing there dislike for the holiday with words of true hatred. So here is my turn to speak my mind on the holiday of love....

....Yesterday was the day of love. A day when Hallmark makes a killing on their $3.00 cards, floral shops go crazy from all the deliveries of millions of roses, and single people sit complaining about there current relationship statues as if no one can really recognize that their true hate of this commercialised holiday is not because of its racket but because it is hard to get passed ones self to truly have a heart of compassion for those who have something we don't have.

As I looked through all my friends and family that are on my friends list and those who were showing and sending love to others. I see a young mother of two who is my age and is currently spending Valentines Day away from the man she loves who is at War fighting for my freedom, my Cousins and Aunt who just lost my Uncle, my Cousins who are trying to enjoy every minute they have with my Aunt who received news that her cancer has taken over in her body, and many friends who are far from their loved ones. Now did these people write hateful things about this day that has brought up so much hurt and pain, no. Instead these people are expressing their love for their missing and lost loved ones. They are enjoying the day they have and the life they have to express to others their true gratefulness for love.

OK so now I'm off my soap box. I know that everyone battles their own way and that each person handles situations differently but I'm here to express to my readers that each day is to short to live with such a negative outlook even if it was just for one day that is about commercialism. There is no sin in showing love to someone in the appropriate way. Plus what wasted energy on something that has no eternal value whatsoever.

If you are really living for God... life isn't worth wasting on worthless emotions. Life isn't that bad when you are not leaning on your own strength to get you through and your own love to express to others. Just a little faith will move a mountain and I'm here to say that just a little of God's love could heal a nation.

Just a little of your strength goes a long way when you mix it with God's... its when you put in a lot of your strength and expect God to put in the rest that you really fail. It's time to evaluate the feelings we have that make us hate or have great anger towards. Why do I feel this way and why have I turned something that could be good into something that is bad? What is it that has made me feel so alone and disappointed in life? And lastly why do I feel that this has anything to do with me?

Christ put everyone else before himself and sometimes we need to learn to take care of ourselves but to not be focused on ourselves. Just a little love can go a long way if we only would turn it towards others...

February 14, 2012

We have been called to a mission... will you carry it out!

missionsplural of mis·sion (Noun)

  1. An important assignment carried out for political, religious, or commercial purposes, typically involving travel.
  2. A group of people taking part in such an assignment.