May 3, 2014


I tend to find myself unsure of what I should write, and sometimes feel as if I am writing without a cause or purpose. However, as I sit in my house listening to the cars drive by I am reminded that with out intentional effort we will look back and say, "where did the time go". We will look into the past and wonder what we said and what we didn't say.

As a person who tends to be more quite and reserved I find myself wondering if I said to much, or I said enough. I believe that is nothing more then a spirit of timidity that tries to hush the voices of the people of God. As I try to grow out of this need to "see the writing on the wall", I find myself watching God's hand perform the impossible things that I knew he was capable of doing. Those things that I should have spoken of and didn't.

For example, when I was about to have my second surgery for my endometriosis the Lord spoke to me and told me I needed to ask for prayer. Not just in my church, but to share it to all that were on Facebook. The amount of responses and encouragement that was given to me was so overwhelming that it brought me to my knees. I was so thankful for the prayers and humbled that the Lord responded. With a good report from the doctor I stand knowing that there is power in prayer and we must speak out.

The enemy wanted nothing more than to keep me in a place of timidity and in the mean time God was wanting to show Himself strong. As I knew that he was able to do the impossible it was not just me that needed to believe it, but all the hundreds of friends that I have on Facebook that saw that the Lord responding to the request of those praying.

From this I have had many talk to me about chronic pain and dealing with situations that hinder our lives. I have had others ask for prayer and others state they didn't even know that I had dealt with this for so long. The truth is all of that has allowed me to share with people where I find my strength and that is all from Jesus. He is my strength, my rock, and my encouragement. When I find myself feeling like I can't take it anymore I just speak out that name, Jesus.

Just me speaking out allowed God to show Himself. Jesus needs to be spoken of and something it will take us speaking about the uncomfortable situations in our lives so that He can do His greatest work. It isn't about me and what I went through, it is about what He has done. I went into my surgery thinking I was going to have to have major surgery, but came out with a report that growth was minimal.

As I said to my Pastor, "it was years of terrible pain, but after the pain is gone, its gone". I want to remember that when I look to the future knowing that I have used every opportunity to speak when I needed to speak. Because when the opportunity has passed, it has passed and I don't want to miss out on the things that God wanted to do.

May the Lord bless you all!