August 26, 2009

66 Books....

This summer my goal has been to work with my Sunday school class to become knowledgeable in the Word of God. Not just to know what the book says and quote it back to me but to actually remember it. So often young kids will memorize things(myself included) and will not remember after a week of time. So my desire was to help the kids learn how to REMEMBER the books of the Bible. I have one student who did memorize them all but the others are still working on it they are currently half way done. Just like the alphabet I believe these kids can remember all the books. There are 26 letter in the English alphabet and we expect kids to learn that at or before five. This tells me that there is nothing wrong with kids learning to memorizing the books of the Bible at 10-13. Right?

Well through this process God has revealed something to me. As I taped up 39 pieces of paper all with large letters that started with the first letter of each Book in the Old Testament I realized just how many books there are truly in the Bible. How many stories of life are in the Bible and works of miracles. Do you ever truly sit down to think the heritage that is held between the two leather covers that make up your HOLY BIBLE?

There is something so great about learning something that will out live you. As a High School er I remember memorizing the periodic table, how to figure out the areas of shapes, lyrics to a song, multiplication tables and division, hockey plays and volleyball plays. All in which if you asked me today I most likely wouldn't remember. Things that meant something at one time in my life didn't mean something later in life. However, just like the Word of God when did it stop becoming important to read and know the Word of God?

I've been changed with the realization that our children must learn to apply the Word of God to their lives just as they apply the facts and figures of secular education. As I do believe in education and feel that if you are desiring to do God's will and protect yourself with a prayer life and the Bible you will learn much. Applying your education to your spiritual life can happen.

So as I end this blog I say this. Allow yourself to learn and apply what you have memorized. You don't memorize things of God to add them to the vault of accomplishment you memorize things of God to APPLY them to your life. Sit down and reflect. Think about what you have stored upstairs and ask yourself is this information used for the glory of God or do I just remember it because I want to say I know.