March 9, 2013


As I sit in a bedroom that once was my brothers I find myself overwhelmed with the memories. The days when I would hear him pray to God from the top of his metal bunk bed. Prayers from a young boy, who knew a God greater and more powerful then the men on the baseball cards he hid in the ceiling tiles above his bed. The memory of that day that I found myself regretting my decision to mouth off to my brother and locking my bedroom door. It didn’t take long that the locksmith’s son, my brother, was taking my doorknob off and popping the pins off the hinges. I soon was hanging out my second story window dropping to the ground to get away.
The foundation that we build is the one that we will stand on for the rest of our lives. That is only if, it is one that is strong enough to resist the weather that life throws our way. The Word of God says that the man that is built on the rock will withstand the waves. That rock is Jesus and when it comes to building our houses we must make sure it is built on every principle that is instructed to us in the Bible.

I think often about the principles that I stand by and what I believe is right, the true morals that were instilled into me as a child, as well as the things that God has taught me as an adult. Those things are what I base my decisions on and the things that I go back to. The times I go to prayer for answers when I don’t know have came from the experiences of finding that the only way to get an answer is from prayer. This is because I choose everyday to build the foundation that was built underneath me as a child and make sure it is grounded in Christ.

I am sitting in the house that most of my childhood memories were built in, but it does not look like the house that I once knew. After a flood happened in my parent’s house a couple of years ago, they were forced to gut their house to the studs. The floor plan has changed a little bit but the house is still the house that I grew up in. It may look different on the inside but the foundation is still there.

This is like me. I was not raised in the church, but there are still things that God instilled into my parents to teach me that were biblical principles that I live by today. Some things in my life needed to be changed, updated, and cleaned up, but I still have the foundation that was there and it is my responsibility to build on it. God put people in my lives to start a foundation that was Godly but it is my responsibility to make sure I keep it strong. That I keep the termites from eating at my foundation and destroy what I God has given me.

Tomorrow brings changes and with changes brings new trials. However, I’ve came to appreciate each given day and the new challenges it brings. It is in those challenges that I must look to my foundation and look to the things I know are right. The Word, which I have hid in my heart and deep in the foundation of my soul, is what gives me the answers in those times.

Times may have changed and era’s may have come and gone, but God has not changed and will not change. He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. I must remind myself of that and no matter what tomorrow brings that I can stay reminded of the foundation I stand on. The foundation that God instilled into my parents to train me up in, as well as those things I have learned as an adult.

I write this today to say… tomorrow will come. Build the foundation underneath you strong a firm. Make sure the studs that hold up your memories are not what you hold on to. Make sure that it is the Word that is deep within you that keeps your studs up and standing strong. Make sure that it is God that is your foundation because He will stand the test of time.