May 18, 2012

Family is everything...

I just about missed my weekly post but here I am before the end of the day!

Things here in the great up north are wonderful and beautiful. Weather is warm and the sun is kissing our white skin. The joy of life is full of anticipation and full of new adventures. Summer always brings new things for me. I never know what the warm weather is going to do to me. I love this time of year as we get to take off the many layers, while still staying modest, and enjoy the beautiful landscape of Rainy Lake.

Lately we received news at work that our beloved, Mr. Wyatt will be leaving us for greener pastures. As much as we will miss his warm smile and wonderful customer service skills we are happy for him. We of course are praying in our own sadness for losing him that he will be blessed and be happy in his new occupation.

Since I was a little girl I've always thought of every employee here as family. I grew up with many uncles around some that probably were not the best example but always kind and warm hearted. Working in a small business you learn fast that you can either embrace those who are around you or live a life with no additions to the family unit. Being that we are a family owned and operated business we adopt all that work for us and bring them into the family unit. We care about them as if they were blood and feel their pain when they are having a hard time. So as you can imagine the loss of someone in the family to another job is always hard, but like any family we keep going and be happy for them. Stretching our love to them there and opening our arms to another addition.

Farm days at the Meyers Farm today (May 18, 2012). All the young kids from our area schools travel to the farm to enjoy Farm Days, Old McDonald style. These kids from Pre-School to Kindergarden get to experience hay rides, bunnies, cows, horses, ponies, and all sorts of different farm animals. Farm Days has been going on since the early eighties and has been like clock work every year during May. My grandparents love it and every year I can't believe how excited the young kids are.

I pray you are all blessed by the beauty that God has blessed us with and the family we have to share it with. Enjoy your weekends and live life like Jesus would want you to. Enjoy the beauty of His way and celebrate the wonderful blessings in your life. Embrace the family you have and open your arms to the many who will enter in too.