December 17, 2010

Imperfect and faulted but restored and made new...

I’ve been moved this morning by that very thought. Last night my mom taught a powerful message about four imperfect men of God who where used mightily. In all their imperfections and faults God still found something in them that could be used. God doesn’t see something flawed and think there is no hope... we see something flawed and say there is no hope.

The one thing that stood out to me of the four men, Noah, Abram, Jacob, and Joseph, was that every one of these men had a mind that was set on doing God's work. We know when we are imperfect and sometimes when that thought is planted we think... no hope for me.

Today my heart hurts and rejoices all in the same beat for the realization that we are ALL imperfect people but being surrounded by imperfection we are all in the need of a true dose of water on the potters wheel. In school I took a required art class and learned something very valuable while making a pot. Not only was the gene of artistic ability not given to me but also the art of pottery is tedious and truly an art that not everyone is capable of doing. In my frustration, along with many others, I ended up with a big clump of unworkable wet clay. Seeing that picture in my head I think of what God truly has done in lives, including myself, that were just that, overworked, faulted, imperfect, unusable clay. However, like Christ in the reworking of our lives and the understanding of us my art professor took that clay let it dry out a little and made a beautiful bowl out of that same clay. I am not comparing my art professor to God but his experience and understanding of clay reminds me of the understanding of people that Christ has.

I’ve been given a wake up call in the last couple weeks and have realized more than ever before that I don’t want to be like everyone else. I don’t want to be nor look like anyone else in the church. I want to be godly of course but I want to be me. Yes I may have started out as a watery unusable piece of clay that was originally like everyone else but after being reborn I want to be the woman who Christ created me to be.

My experience on the mission field changed my life and the call of a young woman deepened during every step of that Swedish ground. No matter what afflictions come to this vessel, no matter what roadblocks stop this temple, no matter what stumbling blocks stop this flesh... I am a child of the most high God and I will be me. My dress may look like so and so, my smile may be my Mom, my eyes may be my Dad, my hands may be my Nana, and my height may be from my parents but my spirit is of the Lord and that is the only things that will make it to heaven.

That is why I want what is important to God to be unique to God...
My praise is for my Jesus, my dance is for my Jesus, my singing and playing is for my Jesus, my preaching/teaching is for my Jesus. My life is all for my Jesus and none of the things I listed will be like anyone else. I am unique, imperfect, and faulted in flesh but I am a masterpiece of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

I encourage you today take a look into yourself and ask... who am I really trying to be? Is your walk with God a mimic of the person sitting next to you or are you a new creature. This life is full of imperfect people but the greatness about this life is imperfections are made beautiful in the hands of God.

God knows the beginning from the end... He knows the end from the beginning... and He knows exactly what makes you the person YOU are to be in Him.

Beauty is in God and at the beginning He started that beauty. Like every morning a new day begins in its unique way... I want that to be of my life and for yours. Each person was created for the glory of God and in your life your uniquiness should be giving back just that.