May 25, 2012

More Giving...

Have you ever thought for a minute all that you have, compared to all you are willing to give up? So often we can say that we are giving it all to God but for some of us, like myself, I don't feel that I really have. I give of my time and maybe a couple hours here and there. But my day is filled with work, house work, and some special time with God. I send a couple emails to my friends and check a little of the nonsense on Facebook, do a couple bible studies, study for a lesson, play the piano a little, and then I'm back to the daily routine of work.

As I evaluate my life and the very few sacrifices that I have made I feel that there is more to life then the daily routines that make up my day. An accomplishment of my day comes with more then a little sweat above my brow and some tears from my prayers to God. I know that I don't speak for all when I speak this but today I know that I have a heart beat to do more then just what I feel but what He is asking.
Today I'm truly feeling the pain and watching the hand of God provide in the mist of my sincere giving but lack of understanding. I have been blessed beyond measure and even more so if not for myself but my family. God has given me two parents who have been able to provide me with all the fleshly wants of my life and if not to purchase them to give me the skills to attain them or give me love.

I write today with great conviction and find myself in a different place with how I see what I give to God. How I live my life to please Him and show how much I really love Him. It is my desire from this day forward to fast like I have never fasted. To see through spiritual eyes the things that God sees. We keep our purity for the one who we will marry but sometimes we are more willing to give that up then give more to God.

I speak all of this from my own heart. Each have their own relationship with God and as God deals with me on sacrifice I ask that you see what God is asking of you. It may not be the same for you but there is always something God is trying to teach us and show us. From sacfrice to prayer to fasting to reading the Word to attitude changes to sincere worship and the list goes on with all we deal with.

Let your love grow and your spiritual eyes see the things that are ownly understood by the spirit.