March 12, 2009

New Journey...

I am excited and filled with joy to share with you my great revelation. In the life of a young woman battling the struggle of purpose I have came to realize my true purpose. People do not know me in fact those of you who do know me would say that I am not a person who likes the spot light nor do I feel comfortable in the middle of a fire.

After some amazing prayer and devotional time with Jesus I’ve taken some self examinations of my walk with Christ. Reading through over two years of blogging I've came to see what I've been writing about was mostly about faith and trust. I was told by an amazing man of God that it is those who talk about something that are usually dealing with the issue. I am more than guilty of that. When evaluating myself I find an extremely insecure young woman who is overly afraid of failure.

As I write you today I find myself filled with confidence in the Christ I serve. In the word it says "cast not away your confidence"... it is not speaking of the confidence in yourself, but more so in the man/woman that God is molding you to be. We are a finished work as the Word declares but since we die daily it means we must come back up again and the only person who can do that is Christ.

My spirit is lifted and my heart filled with hope. I know and believe that in Christ all things are possible, but sometimes it takes more than a belief in what God will do it takes a running pull start of our own driven lives. Sometimes we just need to work through and learn how to get our hands dirty.

If we are to cast not away our confidence in what God will do than that means we must start to live a life that continually tells us that it will be okay. God does not give us the spirit of fear so that means that if He says child go, stay, preach, teach, act that means he will follow through with His end we must follow through with ours. If we have confidence in Christ that means we have confidence in what He will do through us.

So cast not away your confidence sisters and brothers it is true that somethings are hard to do, but He always comes through!