June 6, 2012

There is always hope...

This past weekend we had a wonderful revival service with Brother and Sister Stovall from Pairs, Arkansas. What a wonderful couple full of love for people and so godly. It was a very good time in the Lord and showed me the true importance of living life for God.

Hope is something that we all long for but have a hard time holding on to. Well at least I do maybe everyone else doesn't. It seems that we have the faith we need to trust in God but when it comes to having hope when the situation is hopeless we believe but just not enough. The valley's in our life seem to much like home and not a temporary situation. We can only enjoy the flowers down in the valley so long before we really just need God to take us to the top of the mountain.

Today I'm writing with full faith in the hope that God brings in our complete last straw before desperation. People say that God knows what we can handle and that is so true but it isn't what we can handle but what we do when we feel the pressure. Do we take His hand like a little kid in need of their parents strength or do we wobble ourselves down the road in complete stubbornness. Using words like "I know", "I can do this", "I'm fine", "Nothing". All these words that I have found such a large part of my vocabulary lately and really I'm in need of my Father's hand. I'm in need of the strength that I can't muster up.

People say that I am bull headed and I truly can't disagree. Sometimes it is a good thing and sometimes it isn't. I blame my stubborn side on the mixture of strong heritage that is in my blood. Many years of strong women standing up for themselves and working hard. I just need to learn to balance it out and not live in it.

I've learned something in my short time of living for God. It isn't always what you can do but what you can't do. When you can do so much you lean on your own understanding instead of God's. When you can work hard you find that things come your way but in that you find yourself leaning on yourself instead of God. So, when the hard times come you find yourself weary from trying to work things that only God can.

I share this today to say their is always hope. No matter what happens, no matter who you are, or how stubborn or strong you think you are their is always hope to get through the situations that seems to never end. You will see the sky soon and get to the top of the mountain. It may not be in the way you tried to figure it out but it will be perfect. He knows and will see you through it all.