November 8, 2013

Prayer for Philippines

I ended my day today with news from my co-worker that she has not heard from her family in the Philippines. I saw her this morning and her normal bubbly demeanor was very sad. I asked her before I left if she was ok, her response was that she was ok. When she gave me that answer I asked are you sure because you are very down today. When she shared that she hadn't heard from her family my heart broke and the first words out of my mouth when I got into my vehicle was, Jesus.

The power of prayer and the understanding of ministry is something of critical necessity at this time. If ever before we need to pray for wisdom and the power of the Holy Ghost to direct our feet. In times of need and in times of struggle it is up to the church to be the place where people can come to.

In this short blog I want to say, lets pray for all the people who have gone through another devastating situation in Philippines and for the family who can not get into contact with them. We need the comforter and we need the wisdom to counsel those who are going through all of this.