August 28, 2012

New View...

It has been to long since I've written and even though my intention was to write more I haven't felt inspired to write. Now that I am back from Uganda I feel that I don't know what to write. I pray that the Lord will lift this sadness from my heart this sadness of feeling like I need to be there. I miss the people and their love for God but even more the feeling that I'm right where I need to be.

I feel this strong burden to help the people in Uganda but know that right now God has me here. There is such a need for teaching and discipleship. I believe God is working on many regarding this training and pray that God's will, will become mans desire. To those who are reading this I ask for you to pray that God will put into place the training that these people are in need of and asking for.

There are many who are in need over in Uganda but I believe that God has given a burden that will help the people in their spiritual needs and physical needs. There is something in the spiritual realm going on right now and God is looking for those who  are listening to His calling.

I believe that God wants more than just service by mouth but God is looking for people to give to bless because God has given to them. I am going to be posting some information on here regarding how you can become a sponsor of a young child in Uganda. If you can't do that I ask you to please pray that God will use someone else to give to these children. There is a big need and sometimes we forget that to give the spiritual needs of child of God we must supply there physical needs as well.

I don't know what to say more than this.... Uganda changed my life and my outlook on what God wants from me. I pray that you will keep me in your prayers as I find a clear direction from God. Sometimes the will of God is clear but the waves seem to big. However, we know the Lord in the bottom of the boat who is sleeping and saying "trust me".

Thank you to everyone who kept us in your prayers during our time in Africa. You're prayers were answered and God had His way. The enemy fought in the ways he could but God WON! As there were 26 Trinitarian pastors who were baptized in Jesus name as well as 100 saints who now have taken on the name of Jesus. Please pray that these men and women of God will be able to move forward in this Jesus name message walking fully in truth and standing against the enemy in Jesus name. Also pray that those who have not received the Holy Ghost will receive an upper room experience.

Together with Christ we can see a world wide revival that changes lives!