March 24, 2010

Glass Ceiling…

The voice that I heard was one that I had listened to for years. As I knew I would never live up to the owner of that voice I still found a comfort in knowing that he was my brother. Going to church as young kids I remember my brother always being the one who desired to go to church, he always was the good kid who could memorize all the Bible verses, knew all the songs, and who prayed every night to a God he seemed to know so well. I remember listening to him pray and hearing him ask for safety, knowledge, and a successful game. I always knew that my brother had a relationship with the Lord and today still pray that it will be rekindled.

Being here in Sweden I've realized that sometimes we forget that the God we pray to hears our prayers and will answer the cries of his people. Luke says that if we ask we shall receive, if we knock it will be opened unto you. The prayers of my brother were not always in vain and in fact in the time of my family's deepest struggle his prayers were for everyone else and not for himself.

I've learned something while being here and in fact some may say yeah well I knew that, but knowing and living are two different things. As I learned in school there is a glass ceiling effect that has kept women from the business field, however, we have that same in the Christian movement. So many apostolic people look at those who live a life to their full understanding is not being in a relationship with Christ at all, but where is that in the Bible? Does Cornelius show us that people can live a repented life but not the full truth thereof and still not be living for God?

A good friend of mine here spoke to me about the ceiling effect that takes place in the Christian movement. How there are religions out there who have lived a repented life, been baptized in Jesus name, but have not received the whole truth of Oneness or even living a holy life unto God. This as it is important to walk with God does not keep them from having a relationship with him and we as people of the truth must remove that glass ceiling from them and show them that there is more to this walk. We don't need to have a glass ceiling that keeps us from our Father.

I'm writing this to say we have the answers to a deeper and more complete walk and life with God. These people who have once known God or even still are walking with God to their own understanding are not those whom we should be staying away from. It is those whom we should continue to try and connect with, speak with, and pray for or with. They are the people who are hungry for a deeper walk with God and if you are walking with God they will want to have that deep walk like you have.

I encourage you today to go to the mission field that God has laid on your heart. We have so many kinds of mission fields and God is calling His people to work in them. You never know what the field may teach you about your own walk with God.

Luke 11:

9 And I say unto you, Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you.

10 For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened.