December 2, 2009

480 Knew!

As I have been studying out the book of Acts I've been amazed at the true beginning of our church. 500 people had seen and known about the resurrection of Christ. Knowing that the man who was to them nothing was seen of men after He was declared dead. That is five hundred people who declared that they knew and saw something that was only a miracle act of true God power!

If five hundred people knew and only twenty people were filled with the Holy Ghost in the upper room, where were the other 480 that knew that they would be given the gift of the spirit. Yes that is right 480 people knew and did not seek after the spirit. They were given the opportunity to hold the keys of the kingdom and they refused to enter into the upper room. They knew that Jesus would come through as He had declared that He would and they saw that He was sent up into glory.

Today I say to you all... where were the 480? As I read and understand this I find myself wondering why did they miss out when they knew? Do you know? I would like to say that if you know the plan of salvation and don't seek to strive after more you are truly no different than the 480. God has a greater plan but there is only one thing that you must know........

Through Acts we see that miracles only took place when they were in one accord. The only way you can be in one accord is when you are in prayer. Pray in one accord in one heart! That is with God's heart and with a repented soul.

Don't be the 480 be the 20! I know I'm going to strive to be the 20 more so now than ever before.