February 1, 2012


Today I spent the afternoon with my mom and like always we spoke of the things of God. I love to share with my mom what is going through my head because she is always quick to put me on the right track if I'm not thinking right or if I am she puts me at ease. I'm grateful for having such a wise mother and one whom I can share godly things with.

Our topic of conversation today was regarding my burden for the people of Sweden and specifically the church in Falun. While in Sweden I realized quick that God had placed a special burden on my heart for Falun and for the saints of God whom are laboring there. Leaving was difficult but at that time in my life it was God's time for me to return home.

It has been close to two years since I was in the beautiful country of Sweden and since then I've prayed for an opportunity to go back if only for a visit. So far that has not happened but I do believe that God will make a way for me to return.

The other night I was given this beautiful vision of God placing me in a chess game and each box being a certain journey in my life. As I rode the horse through the game I saw myself going through each journey in my life as God put every move into place as He desired, in one of those boxes I saw Sweden. Prior to this vision I had been constantly reminded of Sweden as I walked through the snow and put on my boots God would bring me back to the many days I spent walking the snowy streets of Sweden praying for a sign of why I was called there. During the time spent in Falun I quickly received my answer regarding why God wanted me in Sweden. It was sad to know that by that time I only had a month left.  I realized after some great sorrow that God was putting things into play so I could return and return with a greater purpose and preparation. As often said by many others... God's timing is never our timing and His ways not our ways. He knows the beginning from the end and He knows what other things need to be put into place for me.

In 2012 I want to make sure that every decision I make is with God at the center. I want to make sure that when it is His time to open doors that I am ready to walk through them. I want to make sure that I am spiritually ready for the tasks ahead of me and want to make sure that I am physically prepared. God can't always do all the work sometimes we need to take the time He gives us to take care of business.

I share this with you today to say this... God has a chess game for each one of us and the fact of the matter is that we can either ride the horse or be the horse. If we allow God to play the game we will find ourselves ready and prepared for the tasks ahead. Let each task stretch you, let each experience bring you closer to God, and lastly use the time you have wisely.

I believe that each person has a special calling in the kingdom of God but if we never grow or change we will just continue to start over at the beginning of the chess game.