April 10, 2012

I believe in love...

As I sit here thinking about choices, situations, consequences, and just plain life. I'm reminded of the scriptures that state if we just believe on Him and trust in His ways that He will give us all we need. Sometimes in those scriptures we are forced to think that as long as we believe that "He is" that we are okay to live life in the way we choose but really what are we choosing?

Love is such a strong emotion that even the body reacts. Heartbreak feels, sorrow wallows, and even passion thumps at the very reaction. I tell you I believe in the power of love.

For Christ so loved the world that He gave His life... No greater friend then a friend that would give up his life.

On Sunday as I listened to the dramatised scripture reading of the cross and the resurrection of Christ. I found myself feeling the love of Christ all over again. The same feeling I felt when I first stepped into the presence of God. A feeling of warmth and security a place where tears just filled my eyes at the very thought of that love.

As a child I remember this feeling when I sat in a hospital bed under a plastic tent receiving a breathing treatment. I was unable to get enough air and was so afraid that I wouldn't live. How do you explain to a four year old that she's going to be okay when all around her is plastic and nothing but a cold hospital bed to keep her warm? I wanted to feel the warmth of my mom's embrace and the sound of my dad's soothing voice.

As children of God we desire the same thing. We want to feel the embrace of the mother (the church) and the sound of the father's (God) voice. How do we get that? The embrace of the mother is really through the love of the Holy Ghost.

When I felt God the first time there was no one who was praying for me. It was in the middle of worship and the only thing I felt was the warm embrace of the spirit of God. I felt the love of the Holy Ghost and I felt that through the worship of the church.

Our love shows through our worship and the love of the God shows through the Holy Ghost. A person who really loves will show that love and live that love. I want for every person to feel this love and believe in the love of Christ. I believe that no matter what the embrace of the Holy Ghost will comfort any heart and wipe away ever fear. That through the Holy Ghost people will experience a love that is deeper then that of a parent.

I look back now and I see how the love of the Holy Ghost was with me in that hospital room. That the prayers of loved ones many miles away helped me feel the true love of the Father. I want to pray more then ever that I maybe used to show the love through worship, prayer, and a daily walk.

I believe in the power of love and that is because I believe in the power of the Holy Ghost.