January 6, 2014

Be of good cheer...

In my study of chapter 23 of Acts, I have found myself completely amazed by the ministry of Paul. We speak of him often, but I never realized how much he endured to have the Word of God go forward. The ways he was tortured, but still determined to fulfill the will of God. I am encouraged by that and know that only God can direct the steps of those that follow Him.

While I find myself over taken by the true zeal of Paul, I find him a man of great example to our modern day church. As I find my days filled with frustration, I look to the sky and thank the Lord for the path that He is sending me on. A walk that is not always easy, but is filled with wonderful learning experiences and times of growth. I can't say that I live a life without mistakes, but I can say that I am determined to walk to road God has designed for me.

Paul's ministry was one of great persecution and I find myself reminded of this when I get the looks. I try to remind myself of the time that the Lord came to Paul in chapter 23 and God tells him that he should be of good cheer because the testimony he brought of Christ in Jerusalem he will now bring to Rome. Are we willing to endure the mob to get the Word of Christ forward?

Many of us have not taken a punch for the name of Christ, but I have heard of some who have. In that I am inspired to go forward with the gospel message and stand with assurance that this message is worth it all.

So, I leave you with this. Be of good cheer my brothers and sisters. You may have endured the mob, but remember it was for a great purpose. God is doing great things in 2014!

To all those being affected by the weather... stay warm and be safe!