December 30, 2009

Departure to Sweden...

It is official I will be joining the church in Sweden on January 26th. My departure date is January 25th but I do not land until the 26th. I'm overly excited and can't wait to see what God is going to do. I pray that I will be a blessing in whatever way possible. By the email I received from Sister Smith, the Pastor's wife in Stockholm, I will most likely be spending a lot of time in the Word with people. Praise God though I love to teach Bible Studies and pray that souls would be changed and strengthen by the Word! :)

The country of Sweden is around 9 million and is similar in size as California. When I looked into the number of churches in the UPCI in the district of California I was able to count around 197 churches. This could be less or more depending on the changes in the last year. In this my heart breaks as I realize that there is only one church and one daughter work of my knowledge in the country of Sweden. However, God has a plan for Sweden or I wouldn't be going there. My burden for Sweden runs deep and my love for the people is strong for not knowing them.

My true desire is to watch souls saved at the wonderful power of God and know that will happen as for when the Lord is present all things are possible. Brother and Sister Smith are doing an amazing job in Sweden as I have seen pictures and read website information about their growing church. God is going to bless this country and with no doubt I can't wait to be a part. With the help of this godly couple I pray that we may reach out into the community in the way they feel is fit for the people of Stockholm and Falun.

I can't wait to go to the field but ask for a prayer of protection as I'm out there. Please also pray for the souls of Sweden. God is going to do mighty things! You can have a part of this trip!

I will try to update you often through my blog. I won't be able to write everyone as that is just to much. So please stay tuned as I plan to us this as my tool while I'm out.

May God Bless you all richly in the new year! 2010 is going to be powerful and I can't wait to see the witness that Jesus will have.

December 2, 2009

480 Knew!

As I have been studying out the book of Acts I've been amazed at the true beginning of our church. 500 people had seen and known about the resurrection of Christ. Knowing that the man who was to them nothing was seen of men after He was declared dead. That is five hundred people who declared that they knew and saw something that was only a miracle act of true God power!

If five hundred people knew and only twenty people were filled with the Holy Ghost in the upper room, where were the other 480 that knew that they would be given the gift of the spirit. Yes that is right 480 people knew and did not seek after the spirit. They were given the opportunity to hold the keys of the kingdom and they refused to enter into the upper room. They knew that Jesus would come through as He had declared that He would and they saw that He was sent up into glory.

Today I say to you all... where were the 480? As I read and understand this I find myself wondering why did they miss out when they knew? Do you know? I would like to say that if you know the plan of salvation and don't seek to strive after more you are truly no different than the 480. God has a greater plan but there is only one thing that you must know........

Through Acts we see that miracles only took place when they were in one accord. The only way you can be in one accord is when you are in prayer. Pray in one accord in one heart! That is with God's heart and with a repented soul.

Don't be the 480 be the 20! I know I'm going to strive to be the 20 more so now than ever before.

September 11, 2009

The white dress...

Flowers, white, and rings all seem to be on the minds of little girls at birth. From the big puffy 80’s sleeves to the 1900’s high collars, wedding dresses have been a staple in the fashion department for decades. Nothing has changed the traditional white dress. Sure we have the nontraditional bride who wears a red dress or off white dress, but your traditional bride who has dreamed of wearing white her whole life has not changed.

White is the symbol of purity something us apostolic women have heard about for years. The word purity has become a clique almost and through the years being used as a threat to those young girls in the church. But truly purity is much more than that it isn’t a scare tactic, it isn’t the white dress, it isn’t even just a command it has a purpose, a reason for being mentioned in the Bible.

Not until I took my Family and Marriage Counseling class did I truly think or put any thought towards purity being more than a command by God. So why than did my text book have one FULL chapter on purity? A secular university level course textbook speaking strictly on the importance of purity and sexual relations before marriage.

After studying out this chapter I learned something that has changed my life forever. Purity is not just a commandment by God to keep yourself to one man for eternity, but it is there to grant you a confidence in your decision forever. In this article I’m going to share with you the statistical data provided that proves that purity before marriage is not just a command but an unspoken truth teller to a successful marriages.

In the church we are taught that cohabitation, two people of the opposite sex living together before marriage, is not biblically correct. However, statistically if we are looking for a mate for life which is biblical than why is this world who has 33 percent of people claiming to be Christian, 85 percent in the United States, 93 percent in Brazil, and 99 percent in Mexico, than why do I ask are any of these statistics even needed.

In a study done in the United States in 1995 the probability of a first cohabitation break up after 10 years was 68 percent who were under the age of nineteen, 60 percent were ages twenty-twenty four and 43 were twenty five and older. So in ten years you have over 50 percent of all cohabitation ending and we still feel that we live a life of rules and regulations? So how can you tell me that waiting before you get married is not wise?

How about this for some good dirt, over all cohabitation transitions to the first marriage within five years by religious affiliation is 72 percent. We are teaching the bible and purity all over this world but we still have cohabitation happening at this kind of rate and they are Christians. If 72 percent are getting married because of religion than why did that belief not stop them in the first place?

Now onto statistical data of percentages of premarital intercourse. 84.9 percent women from the ages of 15-44 said that they had premarital intercourse and 91.3 percent of men ages 20-44 said they had. Are you kidding me! Sad to say that some of these are probably apostolic young people.

In 2002 at the age of 15-17 30 percent said they had premarital intercourse, 71 percent at ages 18-19, 78 percent at 20, 79 percent at 21, 90 percent at 22, 23 percent at 25, and at 24 over 92 percent. This tells me that we are still able to influence our younger generation but we must keep the older generation believing that life does not end if you don't find someone at 18.

The women ages 15-44 who saved themselves for marriage in the years 1995-2002 was at 14 percent but the women who had relations five or more years before their first marriage was 60 percent. Before 1980 there were only 7 percent of women who had been with someone five or more years prior.

Now we wonder why over 50 percent of all marriages in the United States end in divorce and it just gets worse every time. The second marriage rate is at 67 percent and the third marriage rate is at 74 percent. In Canada the rate of divorce for the first is 50 percent, second marriage is 72 percent, and third is 85 percent. If numbers keep increasing in divorce and in cohabitation why is it that we can’t find the common denominator.

Sexual relations before marriage are statically and biblically sound. We can look at these percentages and see that sexual relations outside the protection of marriage will bring nothing good. I know we should live our lives by the Book of Life and I would never say differently but why would you want to be apart of this world that shows no hope for happiness. To people in the world getting married is for happiness and it is but when we mess with the plan that God designed no good can come of it.

The white dress means purity and every little girl should be able to wear that white dress with pride and confidence. I don’t know about you but I’m ready to be proving to this world and to this younger generation that happiness comes from the Creator. Every young girl is having a young man created for her as I type. God did not create man to be alone. Don’t mess with God’s timing or divine plan He’s God and He knows way better than us.

August 26, 2009

66 Books....

This summer my goal has been to work with my Sunday school class to become knowledgeable in the Word of God. Not just to know what the book says and quote it back to me but to actually remember it. So often young kids will memorize things(myself included) and will not remember after a week of time. So my desire was to help the kids learn how to REMEMBER the books of the Bible. I have one student who did memorize them all but the others are still working on it they are currently half way done. Just like the alphabet I believe these kids can remember all the books. There are 26 letter in the English alphabet and we expect kids to learn that at or before five. This tells me that there is nothing wrong with kids learning to memorizing the books of the Bible at 10-13. Right?

Well through this process God has revealed something to me. As I taped up 39 pieces of paper all with large letters that started with the first letter of each Book in the Old Testament I realized just how many books there are truly in the Bible. How many stories of life are in the Bible and works of miracles. Do you ever truly sit down to think the heritage that is held between the two leather covers that make up your HOLY BIBLE?

There is something so great about learning something that will out live you. As a High School er I remember memorizing the periodic table, how to figure out the areas of shapes, lyrics to a song, multiplication tables and division, hockey plays and volleyball plays. All in which if you asked me today I most likely wouldn't remember. Things that meant something at one time in my life didn't mean something later in life. However, just like the Word of God when did it stop becoming important to read and know the Word of God?

I've been changed with the realization that our children must learn to apply the Word of God to their lives just as they apply the facts and figures of secular education. As I do believe in education and feel that if you are desiring to do God's will and protect yourself with a prayer life and the Bible you will learn much. Applying your education to your spiritual life can happen.

So as I end this blog I say this. Allow yourself to learn and apply what you have memorized. You don't memorize things of God to add them to the vault of accomplishment you memorize things of God to APPLY them to your life. Sit down and reflect. Think about what you have stored upstairs and ask yourself is this information used for the glory of God or do I just remember it because I want to say I know.

August 20, 2009

Forever Grateful....

Recently in prayer the Lord has taught me the importance of prayer and fasting.

In prayer I asked that God would restore my ability and passion to play the piano. After much time and no practise I lost the ability to work on the great gift God had given me. When asked to play again I was rusty and prayed that God would restore me again and heal the wounded spirit I had regarding music. Last night after printing 100 songs God restored my ear and ability to transpose my music. I was able to hear and work on music like I'd done when I first started to play. Praise be to God that His grace and mercy shines through on His timing not ours. He knew that if I was to be restored, fixed, and made new that I would still not use the gift but this time I will and must. (8/19/09)

Another prayer has been answered... After a week of fasting and much prayer God has given me direction and answers. As a young woman who has a passion to see and watch lives changed I have prayed for a direction to be able to walk fulling into a new realm with God. Recently He has given me a new refreshing of my burden for souls and opened my eyes to the importance of it. He's humbled me and taught me that I must humble myself daily. I will not share with you much details as it would be unfair of me to share this with the world before sharing the rest with my own Pastor. This I will say though.. praise be to my Lord who answers prayers and knows the plan for my life. He is the door and the light of my way and I must trust and obey that He will lead the way! (8/18/09)

Revelation through the Word has always been my way of understanding what God is asking of me. I hear His voice often but don't think it is safe to run your life by a voice alone. God always confirms His ways through the Word and that is what He did for me. As I wrote in my previous blog God gave me answers to a prayer asked over three years ago. Why did you give me this scripture? Now I know and am more than grateful that my Lord knows the hour and time in which He will reveal. (8/17/09)

As you can see I have had one full week of revelation. From the understanding of the Word on Monday, to receiving my direction on Tuesday, and a restoration on Wednesday. Praise be to God that no matter what the situation no matter what the trial or the storms around us.... my God is so much bigger!

August 17, 2009

Stepping Forward...

Lately my life has been full of questions and direction. The Word tells us that it is a lamp unto our feet and a guide unto the ways of Christ. Daily we walk in an upward stride, striving to become just a little bit closer to the one and only King of Kings.

The other day in Sunday School our Pre-Teen class spoke about the power of prayer and how when we pray over someone it is not the object that heals but the power of Christ. After teaching on this I had the students pass around a towel that was new and I had each student dip their finger with oil and pray in Jesus Name(over the towel). By our faith we are healed is what the Bible says!!! Each student said in Jesus name covering each inch of that towel with the power of prayer. We than gave it to our Pastor who brought it to a man who was in the ICU and in the state of near death. One of the students on Sunday (8/16/09) just the following Sunday stated that the man was currently sitting up in his bed and was out of the ICU. PRAISE THE HOLY LORD! PRAYER WORKS AND MIRACLES ARE NOT JUST FOR THE DAYS OF THE BIBLE!

In this experience I've realized the true importance and child like faith of serving God. The students in my Sunday School class have taught me so much. They have proven to me the importance of faith and the importance of humility. It is true that when we walk with Christ we often forget what it means to believe that our God is able to heal the sick, blind, and broken. We so often want to see miracles but we are not willing to step out and test the waters.

I often think about how my faith was limited to people filled with the Holy Ghost how I just wanted to see people get filled and than it was like they would get baptized and than walk with Christ. Almost as if my faith was so small that I limited God and just how powerful He is. I've realized that I want to see great earth shaking things. I want to experience God's hand move in a mighty way and direction. I want to see people healed from cancer, illness, blindness, and so much more.

In North America we have became victims of this selfish mentality. As if we will hold on to this powerful message and only display it when we want to turn on the light switch of Christ. The people in the upper room didn't decided that at a certain time at a certain day that they would be filled with the Holy Ghost no they waited on the Lord they seeked after His face. His Word says when you seek me you shall find me.

Jesus changed my life yesterday he allowed me to realize that I'm nothing without Him and with Him the power lives. I can either live a selfish lifestyle knowing that my God is able to part the red seas or I can live a lifestyle of giving and receive the great promise of a miracle walking life. I'm ready to watch my God move and I'm not going to allow it to drift. I don't need a revival service to pump up my trust, faith, and belief in God I'm going to live it, walk it, and trust it.

My God is going to move and He's going to give direction. I'm ready to watch my God show me where I need to bring His Word! I'm ready to put on my combat boots and get to work... I'm ready to fulfil His GREAT COMMISSION!

July 27, 2009

Soon to come...

As I look at this very sad looking blog I realized the need to start blogging again. Now that I have the time.... Starting tomorrow I will be a graduate with a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration. Praise God!

So soon to come will be updates and information. I will keep you all up to date with information. So much has happened that I need to write about and I will do that in my next blog.

Keep on keeping on. I apologize to those who have emailed me to hear more I haven't. The great outdoors has kept me indoors with much to do. Sending much of my love your way!

April 28, 2009

Create in me a clean heart...

Walking with Christ has given me the understanding of what it means to open ones heart. It is the washing of our hearts that will clean our mouths too. As the Word states what lies in the heart will come out of the mouth. So the act of cleaning our hearts is not just for us to be able to love, but for us to also be able to speak of good things.

A clean heart is not like a washing of something, but pure, white as snow, gentle as of dove, and pure as a virgin symbol. When you look at this concept I believe it is easy to really know what we hold in our hands. God has given us examples through out the Bible to show and prove to use what he really expects of his bride. The white dress has became a must when truly not meaning anything. We must pray daily for Him to make our hearts clean and to cover us with his ever so cleansing blood.

The symbol of the purity of white as snow. When you are pure of things there is nothing in which can defial your temple there is nothing that can make you sway from the truth in which you live and breathe. It is in Christ that you realize that God wants us to be pure that in which will prove of our clean hearts.

As gentle as a dove. If we believe that something so clean as a dove can be the symbolizim of the spirit of Christ than we can come to realize that we walk in a clean place of peace. Our God is a God of peace He is the King of trust, faith, hope, and life. When you think of the importance of walking with a clean heart you realize how truly awesome it is to have a God that wants us to live a guilt free life.

So I say.....

Create in me a clean heart Oh Lord and renew a right spirit within me. Cast me not away from they presense and cast not they Holy Spirit from me.

God I want to be able to quote that every morning asking to walk with you in a PURE way of life.

March 12, 2009

New Journey...

I am excited and filled with joy to share with you my great revelation. In the life of a young woman battling the struggle of purpose I have came to realize my true purpose. People do not know me in fact those of you who do know me would say that I am not a person who likes the spot light nor do I feel comfortable in the middle of a fire.

After some amazing prayer and devotional time with Jesus I’ve taken some self examinations of my walk with Christ. Reading through over two years of blogging I've came to see what I've been writing about was mostly about faith and trust. I was told by an amazing man of God that it is those who talk about something that are usually dealing with the issue. I am more than guilty of that. When evaluating myself I find an extremely insecure young woman who is overly afraid of failure.

As I write you today I find myself filled with confidence in the Christ I serve. In the word it says "cast not away your confidence"... it is not speaking of the confidence in yourself, but more so in the man/woman that God is molding you to be. We are a finished work as the Word declares but since we die daily it means we must come back up again and the only person who can do that is Christ.

My spirit is lifted and my heart filled with hope. I know and believe that in Christ all things are possible, but sometimes it takes more than a belief in what God will do it takes a running pull start of our own driven lives. Sometimes we just need to work through and learn how to get our hands dirty.

If we are to cast not away our confidence in what God will do than that means we must start to live a life that continually tells us that it will be okay. God does not give us the spirit of fear so that means that if He says child go, stay, preach, teach, act that means he will follow through with His end we must follow through with ours. If we have confidence in Christ that means we have confidence in what He will do through us.

So cast not away your confidence sisters and brothers it is true that somethings are hard to do, but He always comes through!