December 2, 2007


As I finished my book tonight written by Sister Reynolds, Two Sweat Hearts, (yes the spelling is correct), I was inspired. Her book was filled with stories of unbelievable thrill and excitement. I felt like I was reading a thriller book of the Holy Ghost’s grand blessings. It took me through a personal journey explaining a true story of two people working together in the works of God and His will for them.

I can’t explain the excitement I felt when reading her book, it made me open my eyes to the true meaning of “trust”, the true meaning of “love”, and the true meaning of “power”. God was in every word of that book and He showed Himself truthful and loving through every page. Every time I thought that there was no way that it could happen God showed it was His will and He pulled through. It is truly a blessing to have read the story of two unbelievable Godly people. Their love for God blossoms and reveals itself in their true love for Jesus, one another, and souls.

Now my reason for sitting up and writing this blog isn’t to praise this beautifully, Godly couple. My reason is to encourage. After reading this book I have realized that we, me included, have become so sad while walking through life. When problems come our way we don’t listen to what God wants us to do with that problem we give up and stand in fear, polarized. God doesn’t give us the spirit of fear and when He tells us something He means it. God is not a liar! Problems may come our way and maybe even obstacles that seem impossible, but it isn’t time to give up. Things are never over until they are over. We need to hit our knees, pray, and get direction. Sometimes it is the obstacles that make our blessings that much grander. Often the things that we have to battle for make life that much greater.

My mom had counseled someone once and told them “you must decide on what you value in life, and if you truly value your salvation you must be willing to battle for it". We are given so much from the Lord and I think sometimes we forget that we can’t always play the victim. God gives us favor! I think it is time that “we” stand on our two feet and jump up, not slump down. Like one of my favorite songs says “Don’t You Wanna Go”! I want to go… I want to touch those nail-scarred hands, I want to see the streets paved with gold, and I want to sit at the throne of my savior.

The ball is in our court, it is what we do with what God has told us that makes the game that much more exciting.

I ask each one of you today to hit your knees and find your strength in God. If He’s promised you things STAND on them.

God is not a liar and His will, will be done! We just have to keep it in motion.

Keep smiling everyone… God is coming soon, but we can’t wait, sit here and do nothing. We’ve got work to do and what amazing work that is! No job can be as rewarding as the job we have for God.

God Bless and love you all!