January 22, 2010


I am on my way to the mission field.... I will be there TUESDAY JANUARY 26th!

January 18, 2010

Departure fast approaching...

Dear Friends and Family,

Well my trip is fast approaching! Praise be to God that I only must fight butterflies for one more week. Is it the Lord's will for us to feel that just new love feeling in our tummy's right before going to do His work? If so I must say he is very successful and my stomach is floating like I'm about to see my first love, but than again I am about to see my first love. Through the eyes of souls in Sweden I plan to see Jesus.

I was encouraged last night to receive a great blessing of contribution from those around me. The church gave to the work of Sweden and even though I have my budget the Lord will bless those that gave to the work I will be taken part in.
For I have dreamed a dream of being a help to those who need it.
Last night my eyes were opened to Acts 6:19 Paul dreaming a dream of a man asking for help in Macedonia. Praise be to the Lord who gives His saints dreams and visions to do the work that is needed. And Lord knows we have work to do in Sweden.

Sweden is about the same size as California which has around 196 churches in the UPCI, however, Sweden has 1 church with a couple daughter works growing. We have much work to do before the Lord's coming. It is not His will that any be lost and if I can help bring the WORD of God to people in Sweden I will go.

My heart goes out to those who have labored in this country and their prayers through out the years. I'm excited to work along side the Smith's and ready to get my hands dirty. What an amazing couple who I look forward to getting to know and adding to my list of influential people in my walk with Christ.

Please pray for me as I depart to Sweden. Pray that God puts a hedge of protection around me. This is not a vacation to a place where I really know a lot of people. I appreciate you all and love you dearly. I will miss you deeply but know that I've been called to go and help much like Paul was. We shall see what God has planned! Lord Bless you all and stay tuned as I will update this blog spot often.