May 9, 2012

What I can see...

Lately I've been in need of answers, direction, and an understanding. In that time I've seen the power of prayer work and the true value it has in our lives. Not in times of trouble but in times of refreshing and clarity. Prayer is the venue in which all things can be cleansed and made clear. It is like cleaning your glasses after having hairspray on them. It is the one thing that connects us to the source in which all cares can be taken care of and focus can be made.

In our own carnality we struggle with direction and see things through foggy glasses. At a surface level things are not clear but they are still in focus. It isn't completely blurry but in your heart you know it isn't just what it should be. That is the time that we know that we are in need of some clarity and should desire that everyday of our life.

After a couple of weeks of praying and fasting for direction from God I believe I have received my answer. Sometimes we stress so much on making things work out that we can't see passed the foggy glass to see into the realm of sharp, bright, godly, clarity.

I speak from my own experience with all of this and say that I have always believed in prayer and believed in a faith that goes beyond seeing but I've also gotten to places where I've given up praying for a while instead of being persistent and what I know.

What I can see is that God is a all powerful and all knowing God. He will stress us in the mist of the biggest trials and give us answers at the last string. I find myself honored that God knows me so well that he will help me clear the foggy glasses and see clearly at the time when I can't handle anymore.

Now don't get me wrong I'm not talking about foggy from sin I'm talking foggy from just being tired. You know when you are so tired from doing something that your body feels like it will pass out. I'm speaking of that. The time in which we can not do anymore.

I believe in a prayerful and fasting lifestyle and know that it works. I may have had to feel a little frustrated for some time but I got the answers I needed and now I can watch as another puzzle piece is put into play in my chess game of a life.

Pray like you've never prayed and fast like you've never fasted. It is such a rewarding feeling to know that when you give it all in sacrificing the flesh you can truly see God work miracles.