July 27, 2008

Reaching above...

I am a girl with unreachable aspirations and goals. One might say they are unrealistic, but in Christ I don’t believe that to be true. It is said that you raise the bar high so that you can reach new heights; well I have put the bar high so I can see new horizons. As an athlete I strived to set new records and goals, but in Christ I desire to do much more.

I want to impact the lives of young people everywhere from East to West and North to South. I want to teach them of God’s great mercy and grace of His love and guiding hand. My passion is to someday impact the younger generation to become the men and women of Christ that we speak of in the Bible. I want to watch the glow in a young kid’s life as they grab a hold of something worth grabbing a hold of.

From a beginner to a youth I will not stop loving the next generation. I have heard enough people give up on them and refuse to do that. Now that I’m filled with the Holy Ghost I will live the rest of my life walking with Christ to bring some hope. If I can impact one life with the promise of the Holy Ghost my heart will be glad, but I will not stop there.

My journey doesn’t end here I believe it has just begun. With God’s will I plan to use my calling to help those in need. I refuse to give up on soul’s period. No matter what age, nationality, or gender my complete desire is to see those around me saved. If it shall never come to pass that I will see people I love dearly saved I refuse to believe that they won’t be. God’s mercy on my life has been too great for me to not believe He is able to do exceedingly.

My heart goes out for those who are lost and without hope however there is a whole generation that is in our churches today that are just as lost. As much as I love to watch souls be won my greatest aspiration is to watch those who have been raised in the church grab onto Jesus for themselves. So often young people in the church have been living completely for their parents and don’t truly know what it is that they are doing. Sometimes we forget that those in the church are not always as strong in the Lord as they should be.

I believe that there is a reason that God spoke of the church in the Bible. We forget that even though we know the truth we sometimes forget what we truly need to do. I hope to someday be able to look into the church and see strong youth with great aspirations to bring souls into the Kingdom. Not because they want to be known for winning souls, but because they want to see people saved.

In the short time I’ve been in the church I’ve seen a lot, but if there is one thing I know it is that we are in a great need for STRONG apostolic men and women. There are many places around the world that are in great need of a shepherd and someone to bring the Truth to them.

My heart hurts to know of the many young men who have been called to the field and refuse to get ready. As we know that it is God’s timing that they will go on, however, so often they refuse the call. Priorities seem to be confused when it comes to God’s work and I hope to someday see more of the young men stand on the call that has been given to them. As well as a new strength in the young women to be everything they are called to do. Sometimes we forget that it isn’t just the call of the man that brings blessings to the area, but the completeness of the team that God has made.

Now that you know my greats aspirations and desires I pray that you pray with me to see all this come to pass. Like I said at the beginning some may say this is unrealistic, but nothing is unrealistic in Christ. For I can do all things in Christ, His word doesn’t lie. It is because of the desires of John the Baptist, Paul, Peter, and many more men that we can read of with great aspirations that we know this to be true. The Book hasn’t ended yet the church is still alive, but we must become the church of great power, with a promise and gift to the nations. A church with more than just a secret, but with a great passion to SPREAD THE GOSPEL!