Ohio Ladies Prison Conference 2013

I thought it was about time that I shared with you all the great things God did in the ladies prison during our conference in June of 2013. To start off, the conference was almost canceled due to the weather. As some of you may already know they won't let the inmates out of their dorms, if there is a fog. It happened that it was not only foggy out, but a tornato warning was on for that morning of the conference. To add to this, the person who was in charge of reserving the gym for this conference had us down for the wrong day. So we were forced to have the conference in the chapel. This was a hard thing to take because there was suppose to be over 300 ladies who were going to come and some were even being turned down to come to the conference in the gym. Now there were going to be more who were going to be turned down because there was only room for the 300 women in the chapel. After lugging in hundreds of books, thanks to Sis. Tina from Sydney Apostolic Temple, and cookies and muffins for the ladies, it was time to start. During the time the ladies were coming in for their coffee and muffins tears begin to fall and joy began to explode in the chapel. It was amazing to watch as God moved on their hearts before the Word was even going forward. I can't even explain the emotions in that room. Women who had commited unbelievable crimes and those who you could tell had just been in the wrong place with the wrong crowd and were now paying for it for the rest of their lives. Tears of true repentence was flowing from many of them before the serves even began. We ministered in the morning with great authority and power. God had moved me in a different direction as I shared a little piece of my testimony with the 300 women who sat in front of me. As the eyes opened wide from my confession of something that had taken place in my life, women began to speak to me after of how they had gone through the same thing and that they were thankful that I shared it with them. I don't share this with you right now to give any glory on me, but to state the fact that I realized while sitting in their presence that I could have been one of those girls in that room. Many whom I saw were my age and some even younger than me. It truly was a humbling experience and heart breaking to know that some of them were their because of the acts that were committed on them. That the only way they knew how to heal from these wounds were to act out in an illegal manure. After we came back from lunch we had some time when we could speak with the women before we started. In that time I spoke with a very beautiful young woman who had told me she felt she was being called into the ministry and that God was asking her to enter into a fast. It was a beautiful thing to witness her heart and to know that God was moving in her in a mighty way. I will never forget her face in my dreams and pray that she will get out to change her world as well as those who are around her. That she will not be the same as others who have gone out and went back to the same life, but truly fulfills the purpose in her life. If she is in there for the rest of her life, I pray that she will change the world that she lives in behind those prison walls. I truly look forward to hearing about the day that these women turn the prison upside down. During the cardboard testimony the Holy Ghost swept through like a mighty rushing wind and the women began to walk forward to be prayed for. We never called an alter call, but God did and before we could even blink there were hundreds of women who were walking up to us asking for prayer. Some came up and said they wanted to receive the Holy Ghost, some asked for forgiveness, some healing, and some just to feel the love of God. It was a mighty outpouring of the Holy Ghost with hundreds being filled and set free by the power of the mighty hand of God. I can still feel the mighty power of God in that place and can still see the faces of tear stained eyes with true repentance flowing from them. It was such a powerful revelation and such a wonderful witness of the power of God. I can't even put to words what was going on in that room besides saying, read the book of Acts and that is what I felt in that room. Sis. Tina has returned to this prison several times since and has had hundreds beyond hundreds being filled with the Holy Ghost. I ask that you please keep her in prayer as she pours herself out in this burden that she cares for the people in the prisons. That those that are being filled would fulfill what God is calling them to do and that there would be a revelation within the prison of the need for baptism in Jesus name. At this time the chaplin requires for all the women who would like to be baptized to go through a bible study. Of course she does the study and those who come out change their mind. These women need to be baptized in Jesus name and we need to pray that God will open that door for Sister Tina and her team to get inside those prison walls and baptize those in Jesus name.

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