Mission Not Impossible 2014

Mission 2014 was not exactly what I expected but I am thankful no less. In the beginning of the year I found myself increasing in pain like I had never experienced before. My doctor put me on a new treatment that basically put my body into menopause. I went through the emotional rollercoasters, hot flashes, and a severe increasing pain. I was miserable and couldn't seem to get passed the pain enough to focus on the things that were really important in my life. I was missing work which turned into me using up all my vacation to lay in my bed with zero to no relief. I wasn't getting paid so my financial state was hurting. The truth is all I could see was God's plans for me seeming to slip farther and farther away.

In the mist of it all I found God reaching to me more than I ever thought possible. Every time I cried out to God he would hear my prayer and give me relief, but in the end he was strengthening me by continually teaching me to call on him. In the mist of my trial God was preparing for a miracle to build faith.

I have known for years that God is going to use this very health issue to bring him glory. I believe and pray for the Samuel in my life whom I will have earnestly prayed for and know God provided the blessing in the mist of my infirmity.

After a month of suffering in menopause my doctor decided it was time for surgery again. This time I was going in expecting for possibly an ovary or two being removed. If it was really bad, the likelihood of me having a hysterectomy was highly possible. However, believing in a God who answers prayer I asked for prayer.

In the mist of it all God took care of most of the growths and when my doctor got in there she was overly excited to see the health of my ovaries. It was a day of rejoicing and I was overly thankful for the hundreds of people who lifted me up in prayer. I was with no doubt rejoicing in the answer to prayer.

We serve a God who provides for his people. I know my God is able to supply every need. The Lord is my shepherd: I shall not want. (Psalms 23:1) God has provided for me, kept me, protected me, and most importantly loved me.

Mission 2014 was a journey that began in pain but ended in victory. It was the first ever TCG Conference in our District with a overwhelming attendance of 30 girls. We had no idea what to expect but in it all God provided, showed up, and supplied the needs for those young girls. As much as I am thankful to have had the opportunity to minister to them, I'm just thankful to have been able to be apart of something that I know will be life changing through out the years.

Mission 2014 was a victory year of showing the true wonder of our Jesus! It was a proof of there is no victory without a battle and I can say this battle was worth fighting.

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